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This is wireless:

For starters, I'm 24 years old, queer, and happen to be a black male from the Southwest CT/Metro NYC area.

I go to school full time and work full time as an Office Manager (which basically means I do everything). Also work for myself part time as a computer repair person...got my A+ Certification last year.

Interests are listed up above, or down below, wherever they happen to fall.

I am kinda, sorta involved with MetroBears New York, and am usually at a couple events per month with them. If you see me, say hi!

Support your local Bears with lots of love, hugs, and rubs.

On Friending:
Go ahead, I don't mind. Generally. It'd just be nice if I knew who the hell you are. I sometimes look through my Friends Friends list to see if there's anyone in LJ land who seem interesting.

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